Tom Corcoran: A Farmer Who Likes to Instagram

Do Internet celebrities walk among our corn and soy growers in New York State? Tom Corcoran, a grower from Caledonia, New York, with over 6,000 followers on Instagram, is getting close. 

During harvest season 2019, New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association (NYCSGA) Executive Director Colleen Klein interviewed Tom on his combine. NYCSGA Combine Confessionals are a way to learn about our growers in the one place we’re sure to find them: in their combine.

Tom is an excellent example of how social media connects people. If you are new to Instagram, it’s a network where people share photos and videos from their phones. Tom shares images of farming life at @farming_sumbitch.

It’s an unusual and eye-catching name for an Instagram account. What is the origin story of this unique name? 

A few years ago, the Corcorans hosted a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s awareness and invited people to their farm for a tractor party. They were able to raise $3,000. “That’s not bad for some people having a little tractor show in their backyard,” Tom says, “so we needed to come up with a name.”

Tom came up with an idea to describe the party: “Some Unique Machines Brought In To Commemorate History” or SUMBITCH. They had shirts printed up. People found the name catchy (except Tom’s daughter). 

At the suggestion of one of Tom’s friends, Tom started an Instagram page. As they set up the account, the name that came to mind went back to the party: @farming_sumbitch

“When I post stuff on Instagram or talk to people, most people don’t want to hear about your problems, they got their own, so I try to stay positive.”
Learn more about Tom and his farm from this interview in 2019 (before social distancing was the norm). Find Tom Corcoran on Instagram, the T&D Corcoran and Son Farm, or in his combine.